Offpage optimisation

Google and the other major search engines take into account external links that point to a website. They view these links as ‘votes of confidence’ and in the most simple terms of terms, the more ‘votes’ you have the better you will do in terms of rankings. There is much more to this process as the search engines take into account the not only the quality of the links but the quality and relevancy of these links in regards to the search query.

Search engines do not ‘like’ websites to artificially build promote themselves by conducting linkbuilding campaigns however these are necessary if you want to appear high in the search rankings. Therefore it is our responsibility to actively build links in a ‘natural looking’ manner.

Once the keyword research has been approved a steady linkbuilding campaign will commence. This linkbuilding is the key component to the offpage optimisation of a website. An ongoing linkbuilding campaign is critical to the continued success of a website in terms of rankings as it not only shows the site is relevant to that search query but also that the site is still current and is being maintained.

Having an ongoing linkbuilding campaign will with a variety of links will ‘encourage’ the search engine spiders to return more frequently to your website thus ensuring that the website is fully indexed.

Link building can take many forms and this variety helps to maintain a natural look to the backlink profile.