Keyword analysis

In order to successfully develop an SEO strategy an in-depth keyword analysis is crucial. Firstly we shall analyse all the keywords and phrase that are relevant to your company.

At Ragnotella we believe that SEO should be measurable so that anyone within your organisation can see the benefits of a search engine optimisation project. As such we will benchmark the current positions of your website for the chosen search terms and report these back on pre-agreed timescale.

This analytical approach can then be applied to the competitors’ websites to identify additional keywords thus allowing your website to rank for longer tail keywords (these are search phrases that fall outside your targeted keywords but can also produce traffic).

Ragnotella will also use other methods to identify high traffic producing keywords. For example, by analysing Pay Per Click (PPC) activity within your marketplace we can identify further keywords that not only drive traffic, but more importantly convert into customers!

Once this process is complete and agreed by the client we can start to look at the on-page optimisation (this will link through to the on-page optimisation)