Competitor analysis

At Ragnotella, we believe that it is vital to employ a consultative approach to search engine optimisation. We understand that no two companies are the same so before any project is undertaken we would insist on a face to face meeting so we can understand your company in more detail and so we can discuss your objectives.

Once we understand the nature of your business we can start to look at your competition and carry out a detailed analysis of their websites.

We will analyse:

  • Keywords targeted
  • Website structure and design
  • Content of site
  • Quality, relevancy, type and quantity of links to sites
  • Page rank analysis
  • PPC strategy (if one is employed)

Is it our mission to ensure the success of your website and to see your website outranks those of the competition. We can also provide you with a detailed report analysing how the competition are ranking for search terms relevant to your product / service offering. When we have completed this we can start to look at keyword analysis (link this through to keyword analysis).