Ragnotella is a boutique consultancy focused on delivering marketing advantage to its valued clients.

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Media Sales

Ragnotella has a specialised team that creates media sales solutions for  a range of media owning clients.

Whether you require a small, localised campaign or larger regional or national coverage, we will work with you to create a tailored opportunity targeting the relevant audience for your business.

We can help you to identify opportunities close to your business, your competitors or where your potential customers are and if you are not sure where to start or what artwork to use, our team will guide you through the entire process.

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Ragnotella develops ingenious sponsorship strategies, researching unique properties and create the most powerful campaigns. We provide access to leading corporate and sporting events for some of the best-known global and UK brands.

Brands such as Dell, LinkedIn and Microsoft work with Ragnotella to connect with prestigious sponsorship opportunities e.g. Dell Management Challenge . Our ability to negotiate, manage and activate sponsorships helps these companies create unique brand experience, which influence client-buying behaviors and build long-term loyalty.

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Marketing Consultancy

We are true profit experts and help our clients to sustainably boost their profits. Our projects typically achieve a profitability improvement. We focus on improving the top line instead of cutting costs. In recent years, many companies have achieved considerable improvements on the cost side, and have now taken cost cutting as far as it can go. Not so with the top line, where there is still enormous potential.

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Design + Development

The Ragnotella open approach to design and development means we always have one thing in mind, the digital advantage.

Precision, ingenuity and expertise allow us to deliver websites and applications that are robust for e-commerce, mobile friendly and they deliver the user experience. We use popular open source platforms so clients own 100% of the CMS, it also allows for greater security, flexibility, security and module development.

Ragnotella web design doesn’t just catch the eye; it keeps it and leads it because of our emphasis on brand personality and the communication of your brand message to deliver digital advantage

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